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The new “Primavera” system by Febal makes its début at Fuori Salone

The new “Primavera” system by Febal makes its début at Fuori Salone, a satellite event of the Milan Furniture Show.

The prestige of a great brand and the creativity of Studio Thun come together in a product destined for success: the Primavera system was presented for the first time ever on 12 April in Milan by Matteo Thun, Antonio.

Rodriguez and Emanuel Colombini

Pesaro, April 2011 Primavera is the name of the new kitchen system created in a collaboration between Febal and Studio Thun and unveiled for the first time to the press, buyers and clients on Tuesday 12 April in Milan. Participating in the event were Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, who were responsible for the definition of the concept and the choice of materials and finishes for the new model, as well as Emanuel Colombini and the entire management staff of Febal.

The Primavera prototype is on display at the company’s Milanese showroom in Via Fatebenefratelli 18, where it can be seen by anyone wanting to admire the model at first hand. The composition on show features a counter top in honey onyx, lacquered doors in glossy cinnabar green, open elements and tall units in warm leather finish natural oak, and bronze finish edge pulls and plinth.

A design with a bold personality that perfectly embodies the desire to return to simple elegance inspiring the creation of this product line, in which the use of natural materials and sustainability are priorities. Matteo Thun placed great emphasis on the concept of environmental awareness during his presentation: “Considering the fact that it should now be possible to create a green home without spending a fortune, I believe that principle of ‘zero mileage’ is more important today than ever: why should we use materials that have to be imported from far away? And this was also one of the criteria we kept in mind during the design of the Primavera system. I hope, in fact I am convinced, that the ‘triple zero’ concept – zero energy consumption, zero emissions, zero waste – will soon become a standard, and I know that the Colombini Group is also working in this direction.”.

“I am very proud of this collaboration between Febal and Studio Thun. It is a partnership with solid roots, built on mutual respect and trust” said Emanuel Colombini. “We firmly believe that this ambitious project will bring great benefits for the Febal brand, a solid, high quality Italian brand that now also boasts the added prestige represented by the names Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, whom I would like to thank for the professionalism and creativity that they brought to this project.”

“Our concept of luxury – continue Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez as they illustrated the project – is represented by the concept of aesthetic and technological longevity. Luxury is not in expensive goods, but in three concepts associated with an authentic lifestyle: time, space and discretion. If we can choose how to use our time – in terms of quality as well as quantity – whether for leisure or work, then it becomes a luxury. If our surroundings communicate a sense of spaciousness, and if we can allow ourselves a little discretion and silence, this means that we have made progress. For us, ‘Primavera’ by Febal represents all of these concepts.”

Founded in Pesaro in 1959, Febal Cucine manufactures modular kitchens that stand out for the outstanding quality of the materials used and superb design, and are the products of extensive research into function and technology. In 1991, Febal took over Rossana RB, a reputed Italian company specialised in design. In 2009 the Febal brand was acquired by the San Marino based Colombini Group – an interior furnishing concern with seven brands and a vast selection of products catering for every aspect of the home. The Colombini family has continued the tradition of quality and attention to detail which, over the years, has earned Febal a reputation as a prestigious brand in Italy and across the world. The new owner brought its well consolidated philosophy based on efficiency, accuracy and punctuality that has always distinguished the group.

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